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People take medications to help them feel better, not to make them sicker. Even with the FDA’s strict guidelines, defective medicines remain a prevalent problem. If you believe your loved one is a victim of a pharmaceutical injury in Alabama, we at Sawyer Law Firm can help.

Our firm has more than 25 years of legal experience and has helped dozens of Alabama residents successfully resolve their defective drug cases. There is never a fee for our initial conversation, and if we do not win any money on your behalf, we won’t charge you for taking on your case. You have nothing to lose and potentially protection for your loved one to gain by working with our firm.

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What Is Pharmaceutical Injury?

Pharmaceutical injuries are physical, psychological, or emotional injuries that are caused by over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs.

Defective drug claims have three categories, which are:

  • Pharmaceutical drugs with manufacturing defects-When the drug has become tainted during its production. The error can occur either in the laboratory, pharmacy, or even while it was being shipped.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs with dangerous side effects– When the drug, while properly manufactured, is found to increase a certain risk for injury. In many cases, the drug has been in the market for a long time before the side effect is discovered.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs that are improperly marketed– When the drug fails to provide sufficient instructions, recommendations, or warnings that lead to injuries such as an overdose or certain side effects.

Liability may include the manufacturing company, the laboratory that produced or packaged the drug, sales representatives as well as doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals who should’ve ensured that the drugs received by patients do not cause harm.

Medication Errors

Even drugs that are generally safe for mass consumption can cause damage if prescribed incorrectly. If your doctor or pharmacist provides you with the wrong drug or fails to notice that a drug they prescribed is harming you, they could be liable for a medication error lawsuit.

Medication errors are surprisingly common, with the Institute of Medicine estimating that at least one medication error is made every day in every hospital. The error could be the result of a doctor’s illegible handwriting, failure to instruct patients on the proper dosage of medication, or pharmacists erroneously filling prescriptions with similar-sounding drugs. No matter the cause, you should speak to an attorney any time you or a loved one has been injured from a medication error.

Put Our Alabama Pharmaceutical Injury Attorney on Your Side

Sawyer Law Firm is familiar with the chain of distribution of pharmaceutical drugs and can conduct a thorough investigation to identify all the liable parties and hold them responsible for your injuries. We are ready to use our decades of experience on your behalf to recover the full amount of damages you are owed. If you are unable to meet with us for an initial consultation at our office, we may be able to meet with you in your home or hospital room.

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